Sex chatting to males


Then he slides my underwear off, and starts to stroke my cock.

Then I feel Bob's mouth lick the head of my cock, and I close my eyes in ecstasy.

Then I feel Bob's mouth engulf my cock, his mouth up and down, as I do the same to him so I can match his rhythm on my cock.

Then I feel my balls swelling with my cum and he goes faster and faster on my cock and I do the same to Bob.

So Bob goes on top of me, with his hot ass facing me, and starts to take my cock in his mouth again, while I take his hard member dripping with preum in my mouth and we both surrender to our mutual oral pleasure.

I grip Bob's hot ass as I devour his massive hard cock in my mouth and I get a great rush when I feel Bob's tongue teasing my asshole.

Bob lays me down on the bed, and he unzips my jeans and slides them off of me.

He then kisses me and feels my hard cock thru my under shorts, and I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

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He asks me if I was nervous and I said just a little as I take another sip of my beer.

"Relax, everybody is nervous their first time, I know I was." Bob then proceeds to kiss me softly, oh my body trembled as we kissed, and it felt, so erotic and so right.

However one night I just had to take the final plunge, from cybering to real time.

One night I go to my favorite gay chat room, just striking up some conversations, not really connecting with anyone yet until I see a guy with the handle "Show Me Cock", and I was curious because I'm from St. So I ask him the usual, his age, height, weight, etc, and I find out he's from the same town as me, and I get goose bumps, I u sually don't meet anyone in the chartroom from my hometown.

Then I thought "hell you only live once", so I tell him yes we can meet, I suggest tonight.

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