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The former NFL Network analyst spends most of his time out of the view of the camera in an area inmates call "the cut." “Here's a guy who just months ago, I'm sitting in front of my TV screaming and hollerin’ for and then lo and behold, there's this guy right here in the jail,” Henderson said about how inmates and jail staff may react to Sharper.We had numerous questions for Sheriff Jack Strain about the allegations of special treatment inside his jail.But the reality is there's not a lot of holding domestic violence abusers or rapists accountable, period,” said Tulane Law Professor and domestic violence/sexual assault expert Tania Tetlow.In Hanson’s case, six of his immediate family members, and, at least, four more relatives work for St. Even more Hanson family members are connected to the sheriff’s office if you count the work release program that the Hansons’ privately-owned company operates for Strain.In police reports, family members speculated he had post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in Iraq.Burton told investigators at the time that Hanson’s anger and violent behavior had increased since he returned from Iraq.

Sharper is now housed with another inmate, who a Sheriff’s spokesman wouldn’t identify.According to the Sheriff’s investigator’s supplemental report, Hanson reportedly asked Burton if it felt good and he told her, "If you call the cops I'm going to kill you" while he choked her.Turns out, his mother, Cheryl Hanson was the one to call 911.Wednesday, federal court documents revealed Sharper intended to continue with his federal guilty plea, but the terms of his new sentencing agreement were not released.“In terms of the plea deal, let's just say it was an unusually generous one,” Tetlow said.Sharper is accused of drugging and raping, at least, nine women.

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