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Three weeks after an one night stand with a cute guy Daisy discovered that she was pregnant. xoxo After the space debacle, the team finds that it has a future waiting for them with a SHIELD that didn't deteriorate in their absence. Meanwhile, in Virginia; Coulson, May, Fitz, and Simmons are rebuilding SHIELD Academy for the next generation of agents.

Her life turned upside down but she was determined to work it out. Stiles, Agent of SHIELD, recruited several Marvel Ladies to fight in the Contest Of Champions for The Grandmaster. X-Men, Apocalypse (Inhuman Version)Always & Forever; Return Of The Siblings When Stiles' siblings, the Mikaelson were poisoned, it's up to her to find the cures for them & get revenge on Marcel. Things are going uncharacteristically well for the divided team; it's been three months since they were last in mortal peril. This story follows Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons as they finally hit some milestones while still recovering from everything that they've had to endure.

With a new student landing in her lap that shifts the school and a painful burning attraction the her Vice Principal, Steve Rogers, that she fears she can't hold off any longer.

Sometimes it's hard to remain utterly professional.

The Framework is a living nightmare for some of them, and a paradise for others. Wealthy adopted brothers, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, return home to the Stark Manor after graduating from boarding school.

They, and their hoard of friends, have three months of absolute freedom before beginning their freshmen year of college.

Gods Vs Monsters My version of the formation of Justice League / Avengers The Wolves Of Gaea Stiles found 6 wolves with special powers & became their Avatar. Jemma learns that she and Fitz will soon be welcoming a child into the world, and simultaneously, Fitz's past comes back to haunt him.Sculptor Antony Gormley is to receive a knighthood, Met Office chief scientist Professor Julia Slingo will become a dame and broadcaster Nicholas Parsons and actor Michael Crawford will both receive CBEs. For services to Cartography and voluntary service to the National Autistic Society and the Boys' Brigade. Life president, Federation for Detached Youth Work, Leicester and Chair of Trustees, Belvedere Community Activity Centre, Liverpool. (Liverpool, Merseyside)Professor Robin Anthony Jeffery Eady. For services to the Unemployed and the community in Epsom, Surrey. General Practitioner and Medical director, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.Other women on the list included entrepreneur Karren Brady, NHS campaigner Julie Bailey and 1969 Wimbledon winner Ann Jones, who will all receive CBEs. Head, London 2012 Games Team, Health and Safety Executive. For services to Palliative Care for Children and Young People.Shocked by the turn of events, she sets out to find who her blood parents are and why they gave her up.Follow Caitlin in a journey filled with love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness and family. Elena and Mack work beside her, helping incoming inhumans.This is for romantic-centric fics other than Fitz Simmons and Skimmons, that are too short etc to warrant their own posts.

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