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Motions by the accused' attorney have been filed to end the case due to the statue of limitations.In Oklahoma the statue of limitations on the crime of child abuse, starts from the moment of disclosure, this happens to be when the victims came forward in 2013.Worldly prestige and prominence are like refuse in comparison to an accurate knowledge of God and Christ, and the marvelous hope of eternal life on a paradise earth.—Contributed by Wendell Marley." ----------------------------------------------------- “The entire church body of the Jehovah Witness Church” allegedly concealed child molestation crimes alleged against a man identified as a former church elder, according to a motion filed in Pittsburg County District Court.According to the motion the State will present an offer of proof regarding concealment of the crime by Lawrence and the “entire church body, most especially the governing body of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah Witnesses.” In November Lawrence was charged in Pittsburg County District Court with 19 felony counts, including 11 of lewd molestation, seven of forcible sodomy and one count of rape by instrumentation.A woman now in her 40s told detectives Lawrence, an elder at Mc Alester's Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, abused her when she was just eight years old, inviting her to his home, where he fondled her and raped her in his bathtub, according to her testimony found in Lawrence's arrest warrant, which was issued Tuesday.Two other accusers, also in their 40s, then came forward with similar stories of abuse.

It seems being an elder will not be as much fun as it once was, as elders are put in jail for following Service Department instructions to not report crimes against children.Remember each time you make a donation to Jehovah's Witnesses a few pennies of each dollar goes to the defense of accused and convicted peophiles like this one.To date millions of dollars of donated monies have went to prevent Jehovah's Witness child molesters from facing jail time while allowing them further access to children.Lawrence told police that “he admitted to his church that all of the allegations were true” so that he could be reinstated into the church after being “dis-fellowshipped,” the affidavit alleges.The affidavit alleges Lawrence said he confessed to his church and he named four Jehovah Witness church elders who he said were aware of some of the incidents.Lawrence told police he confessed to his church about the allegations including an incident with fourth child, a boy who told his parents that he was “sexually assaulted” by Lawrence in the janitors closet at First National Bank, the affidavit alleges.

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