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Suzanne Brogan, 49, from Kettering, was left stunned when she discovered the insult on her car.

The corporate sales manager was then 'terrified' when Stanton returned a month later to douse the car in red paint, which was again caught on camera.

Theresa May faces a make-or-break battle to shore up her crisis-hit Cabinet today amid fears the government could collapse by Christmas.

The Prime Minister must achieve the political equivalent of a high-wire act as she carries out her second enforced reshuffle in a week.

The magazine has released its annual little black book comprising royalty, millionaires and one very dapper Maharaja. The list includes (clockwise L-R) Lady Alice St Clair Erskine, 29, the daughter of the Earl of Rosslyn who played the Duchess of Cambridge in a documentary; George Spencer-Churchill, who is set to become the Duke of Marlborough; party loving Lady Eliza Manners; Prince Charles's godson Padmanabh, who is unofficially known as Jaipur's Maharajah; Keith Richard's granddaughter, Ella, and Alex Flick, who is the son of Countess Maya von Schönburg and billionaire Mercedes-Benz heir Mick Flick.

100-year-old footage of the streets of London that shows residents of the capital going about their business as the First World War draws to a close has been found in an archive.

Among the sights, many of which were captured as a moving image for the very first time, are famous buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, Windsor Castle and Tower Bridge.

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Alice Bailey, 25, worked for almost four years at Parliament's Sports and Social Bar, where she claimed many MPs behaved like 'obnoxious old pervs'.

He was rescued from the water and placed on a spinal board before being taken to a local hospital.

Mr Cotton said: ''I have broken my back but I've been really lucky, I'm already looking forward and focusing my energy to get fit and back out there'.

She had all the trappings of power but she looked haunted and hunted; someone desperately trying to stop the ship sinking on her watch but without the first idea how to do it.

The ship will inevitably sink unless something is done very soon to fix the myriad gaping holes listing it towards the rocks. Frankly, I wouldn't trust Theresa May right now to run a jellied eels market stall, let alone the country.

Priti Patel's extraordinary resignation last night, hot on the heels of Sir Michael Fallon's humiliating departure, has deepened the chaos as Mrs May struggles to control amid a bewildering array of crises.

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