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There’s a great chance that your Coloradan sweetheart knows a thing or two about snow sports.Whether they ski, snowboard, or both, they’ll definitely be down to give you a few tips.Aside from the awesome people, delicious food, and insanely good beer, Colorado has the most breath-taking scenery in the entire country.It’s hard not to feel a bit romantic when sunsets over the mountain come complimentary with nearly every dinner date. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Colorado in the comments below!If you’re dating a Coloradan, they won’t be hesitant about showing you this same passion. That being said, your Coloradan lover might have a pup in tow.At first, you’ll probably struggle with stealing their time away from their furry friend, but having a new canine pal in your life is totally worth having to make date reservations for 3.If you’re dating a Coloradan, they’ll never argue when you try to get a little closer under the sheets.You’ll never be happier than when you’re dating a Coloradan.

In fact, Denver ranks as the 5th most sexually happy city in the country, with contraceptive sales 189% of the national average.The 2nd happiest state in the country, behind only Hawaii, it’s impossible not to let a Coloradans perpetually awesome mood rub off on you a bit.While your Coloradan lover might not have a snowmobile, there’s no doubt that they’ll be better at driving in the snow than you are.Cold weather can’t keep these fans from supporting their favorite teams year-round.When it comes to showing love towards the things they care about, like the Denver Broncos, Coloradans are never shy.They know not to sweat the small stuff and they’re always ready to have a good time.

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