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In 597 AD, monks led by St Augustine arrived at Ebbsfleet on the Isle of Thanet, on a mission from Pope Gregory to re-Christianise Britain.

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The hill provided a sight-line to the east along the line of the Folkestone Turnpike to Dover Castle, one of the two principal cross-channel observation points, the other being Fairlight Down in a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England.The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliffs.The community grew and developed into a monastery until it was dissolved by Henry VIII, and St Eanswythe's remains disappeared.They were rediscovered in June 1885 when workmen, carrying out alterations to the high altar, found a battered lead casket immured in a niche in the north wall of the chancel.The harbour's use has diminished since the opening of the nearby Channel Tunnel and stopping of local ferry services, but still remains in active use.

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