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There is a place on the sidelines, between the 25-yard lines, where coaches tread.In that rectangle, amid the weather, the cheers and the boos, the questionable calls and the heroics, we see the character of a coach. His phone was not unlisted and his dinner table was never lacking.

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Triathlons gained more popularity, and the Nifty-Fifty took a new route.Brandon Mahle’s rectangle on the sideline was not as defined. “He meant a lot,” Thunder Mountain High School senior Ben Jahn said.His acreage did not end on practice fields and game nights. “The one main thing I have taken from him going forward, especially pursuing my own football career, is that there are not many people who I have run into that had as much passion toward the things that he did.”Houston Laws began training for the first of his four 100-mile ultra runs by pulling a weighted sled around the frozen Mendenhall Lake. Winter Olympic competitor, took in a practice with the Juneau Nordic Development Team at the Montana Creek Campground.We are warned by our coaches to NOT look over our shoulders.“It slows you down! I should have …I could have …I would have …Well, a lot of Juneau, and Southeast, athletes did do it all and give it their all in 2014. But it is in the face of adversity that we become the athletes we are, or attempt the athletic endeavors we thought unreachable, or we teach others what it means to be a good sport.Did that spirited, life-affirming swat put me on a course that led to a 110-mile solo run in the 2014 Klondike International Road Relay? As we learned in 2014, swatting — depending on who delivers the blow, how hard it is and if it is desired — can cause a bit of discomfort. And a lack of manlihood from both paddler and paddlee …And, like the coaches say, “Don’t look over your shoulder, you may not like what you see.”I know when I finished my 110-miler and my 55-miler I did not jump over the finish line, twist in midair, and grab my crotch firmly in a Seahawks Marshawn Lynch gesture.John was training for Ironman Coeur D’Alene in Boise and qualification for his second Boston Marathon in a row. 2 Auburn 34-31 behind controversial Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

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