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Parks coordinator Barbara Mc Cabe said the changes had a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose.

Elements from three plans acted as a kind of tasting menu for the community, with favorite aspects finding their way into the final design.

Mc Cabe said that plan is now used as a guide and the entire restoration process, initiated in 2002, should finally be completed in spring when a pond restoration and new play area are built.

The park sits just a five-minute drive off Interstate 95 at the Academy Road/Linden Avenue exit in Torresdale.

The drive east on Linden Avenue is unremarkable, but the industrial landscape that hugs much of I-95 gives way to a quiet residential area; if you blink you might miss the hatcheries on the right.

"Otherwise, they get bored and they're using their rods like swords. As long as they're catching fish they're good as gold." Brinkman recalled that each week, nearly 3,000 to 4,000 kids were bused to the ponds during the 1970s through the city's Cane Pole Program.

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