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A deaf writer moves to the middle of nowhere to finish her novel, but someone in a sinister white mask is prowling the woods.With whit, humor and terror abounding, this is not your typical horror film. 100% recommend watching with the lights off and in complete silence (except for the movie obviously).Wondering which horror movies on Netflix are really worth your time?Look no further, here are eight top picks that are sure to satisfy your craving this October: The boogie man comes alive in this story about a struggling single mother and her high-maintenance son.The actress doesn’t play your typical dumb fluff character running absentmindedly around until she predictably gets stabbed in the throat; no, this girl is brave and she fights back just as I imagine I would do in this situation. Don’t talk, don’t text and I dare you not to scream. Everyone wants romance, sex and intimacy in their life.

A disabled young woman and her mother receive a strange package containing a flame-haired, blue-eyed doll.

Blood, gore and trippy inception scenes await you in this remastered film starring our very own Ryan Reynolds and his rock-solid abs. This film is Tim Burton’s tale of the classic Halloween horror story.

Johnny Depp plays the part of Ichabod Crane who meets the stunning Katrina Van Tassel (Christina Ricci) in a sleepy little town plagued by a supernatural terror: The Headless Horseman.

Let’s play a game: Investigate whatever is behind the locked door in the basement or listen to your mother remind you to wash the clothes on cold every single day.

When a couple decides to buy a lakeview property, they think that they are about to get the American dream they always wanted.

Unfortunately, the horrific history of the house will affect their lives more than they think.

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