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If you should see or hear that an offender is living in your area and is not accounted for on the searchable list, please contact us.You may search the Sex Offender Website to find a current list of all offenders registered in North Dakota.Failure to properly keep your paperwork updated, such as residence, work and schooling, may result in additional charges such as failure to register.See page 11 and 12 of NDCC 12.1-32-15, the , for additional information.The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has prepared a Offender Registration Procedures Manual.This manual is a great resource for any questions on the sex offender registration requirements, procedures, or program.At the time of your initial registration you will be: The State of North Dakota requires you to personally appear once a year in the office/jurisdiction to which you reside to update information, as well as submit to a new picture.

Criminal Background and Information Enterprises, Inc. can not offer legal advice on how to use the information contained in these criminal background reports, and are not responsible for any action taken by the customer based on this information.Results may show offenders name, date of birth, physical description, address, crime and crime location. Offenders convicted on or after August 1, 1985 must register. The non-registrant list consists of names extracted from the states Criminal Record History System.Address information on offenders may be out-ofdate as registration is not required.Offenders must register with the agency in which they will reside.If you live in the city limits you will register with the local police such as the Fargo Police Department or the West Fargo Police Department.We will periodically stop by your residence or place of employment, unannounced, to confirm that you are still living or working at the locations you provided at your registration.

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