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This is not to say that a qualitative researcher's caring attitude inherently constitutes a better relation with the participant.

In my analysis of Harry WOLCOTT's sexual relationship with his participant, I was very critical of the exploitation that came with his care (ROTH, 2003a).

[] There is no doubt that human research ethics has to evolve to respond to the continuously emerging possibilities for acting on the part of researchers and research participants.

devotes a debate focusing on issues that are concerned with the many layers of decision making when it comes to ethics in qualitative research.

ethics, researchers, participants, power, control Table of Contents 1. A Personal Context of Ethics and Ethical Issues 2.1 Ethical review and researcher-participant relation 2.2 Excesses and dangers of institutionalized review 3. Invitation to Contribute Note References Author Citation 1.

Introduction It is with a great pleasure that I formally open the debate on qualitative research and ethics.

[] Without doubt, ethics regarding human participation in research is an extremely important issue.

In countries such as Canada, long gone are the days when government agencies and university researcher could do covert radiation or mind control experiments that had been conducted during the 1940s and 1950s.

As I am writing this paragraph, an email exchange on the email list accompanying the journal (CAREY, 2004) about a social psychological study in which the memories of participants were tampered with to make them think that as children they had gotten ill eating certain foods.

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