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In fact, some staff made comments to us about what happened with Officer Woodson - they wanted to scare us, intimidate us, make us feel bad for reporting the abuse.I don't think those officers should have been able to access our files in any way.

What makes my case especially alarming is the fact that the BOP was put on notice about this officer but continued to allow him to work in that position, knowing what he had done and that he could do it to someone else. Reports that an officer is abusive - even from an outside source like the inmate's family in Woodson's case - must always be taken seriously with a full investigation and real repercussions.How many women could the BOP have spared if they had taken notice of what they were told?Officer Theodore Woodson was eventually charged criminally.He pled guilty to felony counts of engaging in sexual acts with three women inmates and received only a four month jail sentence and three years of probation.At first I felt a lot of anger because of that -- I felt that he got a lesser sentence because we were prisoners and did not have rights.If earlier reports of his abuse had been acted on, my rape could have been prevented.

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