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) Then one by one, after every 5 short minutes they came and went. That would be so greedy of me, hogging all the air like I don’t have a care. The pair of nostrils that I have works just fine.” Laughter would follow and a huge sigh of relief from my date realizing that I wasn’t actually an ogre on the prey.

It was harder to strike conversation with some but I quickly devised a way to make things a little cordial -thanks to the wine- and in no time there was laughter and beautiful genuine smiles and what do you know…free flowing conversations! ” They would ask a little too nervously than they would have liked to admit. From there the rest of the conversation would flow but I would still notice the guy trying to catch a glimpse of my nostrils every 52 seconds or so just to be sure.

People can be cruel though.” *Him: “Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

” Me: “In 10 years I see myself swaddling my pair of 6 month old twins ready for their bedtime as I simultaneously try to get my temperamental 3 year old ( who’s been dealing with a little case of jealousy since the arrival of the twins) to calm down.

The first time, as you walk into a room and give them that head nod in greeting and the second time 10 minutes later with a firm handshake and a proper introduction.After a brief interaction with friendly strangers (whose first name is the only information you have at this point thanks to the name tags everyone had to pin on themselves) and indulging in delicious sushi bites, the moment of truth arrived.I took my seat at the table with my name neatly written on a small card trying my best not to look like an interviewer for a major executive job position (After all I wouldn’t have wanted to reveal that I was a speed dater undercover!All this is after a long, hard or easy day at work.You know, just the usual Supermom stuff.” *Him: Do you believe in Love at first sight? But I do believe in love at first brilliant conversation.” *Me: “Can you guess what I do for a living?Its origins are credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish Ha Torah, originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry.

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