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Great Sex Without Intercourse—For Men Hand-massage of the penis is a major part of sex without intercourse.

But is your honey providing the caresses that really excite you?

But if you find intercourse problematic, sex without it allows hot, fulfilling lovemaking for life.

But for many lovers, sex that revolves around intercourse is problematic: • Only about 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic from it.Chad enjoy's having Sexual Intercouse in Kiersten's bed but hates it when he get's her pregnant!Chad has herpes but that don't stop him from having Sexual Intercourse with Kiersten!• Meanwhile, after 40, many men’s erections become iffy, which can interfere with intercourse.As men age, an increasing proportion suffer balky erections. Viagra and the other erection drugs usually help, but not always.If you doubt this statistic, see the exhaustive discussion in by Elizabeth Lloyd (Harvard University Press, 2005).

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