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Yik Yakker: Speaking of trashy Euro films: having tasted some giallo (New York Ripper) I've got my eye on another old sleazefest, Strip Nude for Your Killer.

Most noteworthy last year were the (pre-tattoo) Maria Ozawa stinkers.

Don't know why I haven't acquired it yet, but if the jolly fat guy doesn't deliver, I'll plunk down some coin myself come 2010.

Sloth: The quality of the Red Feline stuff is excellent, at least as far as movie rentals go.

-------------- Here's a question for the holidays: If you could ask Santa to bring you one GIMPworthy dvd, what would it be?

Since I like a good whipping scene, for me it would be Mark of the Whip.

I noticed Ralphus' comment about sites like Paingate.

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