Shaadi dating sites


This is a question that kept me awake a couple of years back.

I used to ask myself, “Will social networks make sites like Shaadi irrelevant? Over the years we have developed the site in such a way that it offers features and things that are very relevant to matrimony and marriage which Facebook or Orkut could never replicate.

You have other businesses beyond the matrimonial area.

Could you tell me more about those businesses you’re involved in?

After starting, I founded a couple of more businesses and over time we ended up as a group of businesses called The People Group. One is which is matrimonial, of course, and the other is online real estate, which in Indian means home.

That is something we started almost 3 years back now and it’s tracking pretty well.

Thousands of Asian singles have been signing up, so you can be sure to meet the right one . This site represents THE best forum for your son or daughter to source the right choice with your help.

Finally, there is People Pictures which is a film production company.

Where would you like to see Shaadi by the end of 2010? You’ve got several languages, thousands of dialects, many states.

India in a way is like Europe; you go south and it’s a completely different culture and within the south as well there are 4 states which have completely different ways of matchmaking and completely different requirements.

The website is bright pink, and covered in moustached hearts.

She clicks through the profiles of the users who signed up for her website – Hipster Shaadi.

That is why we offer a comprehensive online service to help singles, or their parents, look at what’s on offer, arrange meetings with candidates – and ultimately be better placed to find Mr or Mrs Right. Browse through the profiles on this website and see what you think.

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