Sikh dating


The last major function before the wedding is decoration with temporary henna (mehndi) tattoos.Mehndi artists are called to the houses of the boy and girl and apply mehendi to the palms of the female family members, and the hands and feet of the bride.Nowadays, people hire DJs and have a dance party, followed by dinner.A ladies sangeet is held for the bride and her bridesmaids.Approximately a week before the wedding the sagai ceremony is held, in which a tikka forehead mark is applied.

Usually the ceremonies are conducted in Punjabi language but the language of the religious portion may vary, such as, Arabic for Muslims.

The bride's father applies the mark to the groom's forehead, blesses him and gives him some money.

The bride's family receives baskets of seven dried fruits: almonds, cashewnuts, dried dates, coconut pieces, raisins, dried apricots (khurman) and puffed lotus seeds (phoolmakhana).

There is a sangeet function hosted by the girl's family, in which just a few close members of the groom's family are invited.

The bride's family play the dholak drums and sing songs in which they tease the groom and his family.

Mayian It is the term which isused for the preparation ceremony one day before a Punjabi wedding.

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