Sim 2 charactor dating older sim Chat with really peolple aldut mycam


Decided to train my wizardry and get the spell that allowed you to turn pets into humans, so AJ could be even more a part of the family."He turned out to be the biggest fucking assbag as a person and was abusive to his family, so we had to take care of him. The family stood out front playing music to him as he slowly starved.

the film's message is one of caution: stop using nuclear weapons, unless you want the whole world to die. But cultural messages can also be gleamed not only through specific films with a specific creator behind it, but also through broad trends.

I'm counting up graves until my Sim can bang Death." "I managed to get a 'heat of the moment' kiss in on him after a few 'accidental' deaths.

I took a picture of it…" "It's not too sadistic per-se, but it involved a lot of deaths.

What can disposable entertainment like dating sims tell us about this population crisis?

Can we see an underlying fantasy lurking out of sight?

They bought a new dog and played with it happily outside his eternal resting place to torture his trapped soul.

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