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Want to bring a bit of modern gender equality into things? Want to play through the entirety of Game of Thrones and see if you can mess things up a lot less than the Starks? Fallout Shelter is a spin-off mobile game based on the wildly popular Fallout series of post-apocalyptic RPGs.

In Fallout Shelter, you control an entire bunker full of survivors.

Kairosoft are one of the best life sim and management game makers around.After the disappointment of Maxis's bungled sequel Sim City 2013, Colossal rode in to the rescue with its own city building simulator, and boy is it good.Cities: Skyline may not scratch that itch for seducing your neighbor's husband and destroying their family (or raising a happy child or whatever it is normal people do in The Sims,) but the feeling of satisfaction that arises from watching your city grow and thrive is something very familiar to those of us who've loved The Sims series. Your family starved while you built the perfect home.If you played The Sims and thought it needed to be even more deep and complex in its mechanics, then Kudos 2 may be the game for you.With a more considered, turn-based structure and a choice system so thought-out that hanging out with a friend for long enough makes their personality rub off on you.The game also includes a town-sim portion, where villagers will move in and out of town over time and you can collect funds to build new bridges, parks and other public works.

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