Single nerds dating


If you communicate with someone on Mouse and want somewhere to meet, the Parks are a great place."One might think that Mouse Mingle was yet another niche dating site for a small community of people, similar to the agrarian dating website Whether the adult appeal of Disney stems from nostalgia or the general millennial refusal to enter adulthood isn't quite clear.But for .55 a month, you can join Mouse Mingle and see if you can find the Mickey to your Minnie (or the Donald to your Daisy, or the Chip to your Dale, because you just know those two were all up in each other's nuts).At the same time, overthinking and being a disembodied brain on a stick makes dating much harder.Don’t get me wrong - witty humour and an extensive vocabulary may help a lot, as well as some possible side-effects (such as good social standing or popularity). Your intellect makes some of tasks way easier, but one of the key Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls is to use it in lieu of effort.It is a soft, opinionated and personal matter, inadvertently revealing my secrets and vulnerabilities. But I see the profound change from something being frustrating to a field where I feel well.

You don’t need to have your favourite equation, or a comic book!

And pointing them to this blog post (ideally: not in a passive-aggressive way) would be great!

:) Before I proceed to it, let me lower your expectation.

While my problems with dating (or rather: not dating) gave me a lot of pain, they also prompted me to put a lot of effort into developing social skills in general.

Sure, there is no shortage of Internet dating advice.

Here's a little pop quiz for you on Thursday morning: Which theme park is better, Disneyland or Disney World?

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