Sony ericsson updating

Phone manufacturers often offer updates to their phones and firmware some time after the original product has been released and Sony Mobile is not an exception to that.With Sony Mobile Update Service, you are provided with a tool which can interact with your Xperia cell phone, perform data backups to your PC, interact with multimedia stored on your phone and perform firmware updates which connect you to official Sony services.Sony Ericsson Update Service is a free downloadable software application designed to help Sony Ericsson users keep their phones up to date at all times.This free software is an officially manufactured product by Sony Ericsson and is the single best way of keeping your Sony Ericsson phone in tune with all of the latest software updates specifically designed for your device.Sony Mobile Update Service will, after connected, let you know whether there are updates available for your particular model.Note that this program may not be updated in the future and functions as an alternative to PC Companion software also published by Sony/Sony Ericsson.

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You should also have you phone successfully connected with a USB cable after Windows has completed installing the relevant drivers to enable data transfer.NOTE: In order for Customer Care to best troubleshoot your issue, the phone must be available for testing.We recommend calling from another line, such as a landline phone.If you already have a compatible Sony Ericsson USB cable (model # DCU-65), you can download and install the latest software upgrades at: Here you will also find information and instructions on how to back up your data, which is highly recommended, as using Update Service solution to download and install the latest software upgrades replaces all existing phone software and resets your phone to the factory default.Sony Mobile Update Service 2.07111005 is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware).

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