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They offered the old joke, "What do you call women who don't want sex?Divorced." Mike, who is 71, wrote: "Healthy men are 'hard-wired' for sex.

I have the same sort of bad luck meeting eligible women that these women claim to have in meeting men." Men complained about women who give up on sex after 60.

One night while going through, he started hearing screams/ shouts that were almost on a deafening level.

I have seen weird snow footprints there over the years.

I don't want to be questioned to see if I am worthy of anything." Don, who is 75, wrote: "My wife of 51 years died a year and half ago and I don't feel like just sitting and waiting to die.

The first woman in my 'new' life chased me with all sorts of promises. Phil to the point where after two dates you must move to the 'next level' -- sleeping together.

This is entirely different from women, who can virtually be sexual camels.

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