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A newly constructed depot, several hotels and stores were constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, creating a boomtown effect that has lasted right into the 21st century.

The second courthouse located on the modest town square was torn down and re-established across from the square at the historic Hyatt Hotel.

Founded in 1832, Gilmer County is located on the very edge of the southwestern Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Gilmer former governor of Georgia is a land of great beauty from its towering mountains to its rolling foothills, vast meadowlands, renowned apple orchards and an excellent vineyard.

Gilmer County has been honored with the official designation title as the state of Georgia’s “Mountain Biking Capital.” With over 100-plus miles of single-track mountain biking trails and the famed “Tour de Georgia” annual race route traversing thru Gilmer County, has made it a premier destination amongst biking enthusiast.During this time visitors and residents alike often find the upper mountain ridges and peaks crowned with a blanket of snow.The Cherokee called this region of the Blue Ridge Mountains the “land of many waters,” due to the regions numerous waterways, consisting of rushing springs, creeks and rivers.Within the Ellijays there’s shopping, dining and sightseeing within the historical town of Ellijay.Across the river in East Ellijay along the corridor of 515/76 there’s shopping and dining plus various services and franchises.Cresting the heights of Gilmer County are densely forested Blue Ridge Mountains and wilderness lands.

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