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In the seventh century the town was chosen as the centre of a new see and a Minster of Saint Peter was built. Oswald's structure in 1041 and it was not until 1084 that work began on the present building.However, this was rebuilt in 961 when Saint Oswald was made a bishop. It was begun by a young Saxon Monk Wulfstan who was the only Saxon bishop not turned out to make way for a Norman.When fires destroyed parts of this great structure, and Wulfstan's tower fell, King John gave 100 marks towards the repairs.Inside the cathedral is an unbroken vista of its high vaulted roof with the pointed arches on their slender pillars stretching east to west for over 400 feet.Here you will see the actual stones that he laid as the foundation of his shrine.The choir, known as the glory of Worcester, was begun in the thirteenth century by William de Blois on the site of the Norman choir.

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In 1621 James I made it a county in its own right, independent of the county of Worcestershire, and by it steadfast loyalty to the King during the Civil War, it earned the title of "The Faithful City." The town is situated upon both banks of the river Severn, principally upon the eastern side which is much steeper. Indeed, even today the western bank is renowned for its spectacular floods every winter.Once the figure itself was resplendent with gold and colour and jewelled ornaments but it is now, in the main, grey granite, and the jewels have long since disappeared.It is difficult to stand next to this and not feel a sense of awe.The other royal grave is the tomb of King John and is in the heart of the choir.He was buried here by his own wish as this was his favourite shrine and he had great belief in the protection of St. The figure of the king lies on an altar tomb and is thought to be the earliest royal sculptured figure in England.It is this unbroken continuity that is such a wonderful sight, and so harmoniously blended is the skills of the Norman and English builders that the proportions and unity had the likes of Nikolaus Pevsner writing enthusiastically about the place.

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