Speed dating kl 2016


Wine Dating, a new wine tasting event at Villa Danieli, is all about getting together with friends to try new wines.It’s the perfect (proverbial) one-night stand for those looking to learn more about wine and who knows – you might even find a new true love for your taste buds!But are these expedients going to last long or will we be laughing about them in a few years?

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The interior is beautifully designed with stone columns, arched ceilings, cobbled brick floor, and tastefully painted murals.

In fact, it’s encouraged that you just dress the part and show up that night and see if luck and fate will place you where you need to be. Whether you are absolutely single and ready to mingle or absolutely taken but there for the views, this is your chance to be seen and strutting around in KL in the hopes of meeting new friends and future partners.

So step out of your comfort zone and join Kuala Lumpur’s most anticipated Single’s Mixer, a unique event that will give you the opportunity of meeting someone in impeccable Marini’s on 57 style.

A party thrown with the motivation to meeting new people.

Forget speed dating events where the embarrassment causes for low turnout rates and ruined dreams.

If you are currently hiding behind a screen of online dating platforms, it really is time to shake up your routine and make your love life a bit more tangible and exciting.

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