Speed dating the movie soundtrack


Tom returns as Mc Coy explains to Billy that Tom used to be Ellen's boyfriend.

The Bombers, a biker gang, led by Raven Shaddock (Willem Dafoe), kidnap Ellen.

Tom and Billy meet at the diner and Tom agrees to the rescue for ,000, and that Billy goes with Tom back into "the Battery" to get Ellen.

In the Battery, they visit Torchie's, where Billy used to book bands.

Mc Coy, pretending to like him, follows him to his special "party room," close to where Raven is playing poker. Tom finds a window and, as a distraction, starts shooting the gas tanks on the gang's motorcycles; he then reaches Ellen's room, cuts her free and, with Mc Coy's help, escapes just as Billy arrives at the front door.

Riding in the convertible, Tom sends his crew off to meet at the Grant Street Overpass,and leaves to blow up the gas pumps outside a bar.

Some of the film was shot on the backlot of Universal Studios in California, on two large sets covered in a tarp 1,240 feet long by 220 feet wide, so that night scenes could be filmed during the day.

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