Spider man dating a dwarf

Old, frail, but still brilliant Otto Octavius devised a clever scheme to save his own skin – by switching his and Parker’s brains.

While Anna Maria and Peter/Otto worked on the company, their romance blossomed and for the first time in both their lives, they felt true love.

Otto/Spidey knows he could catch the guy, put him away, and wait ’til the next time he escapes and kills more innocents. Not even his Peter Parker conscience could stop that one.

Or he could disarm Massacre, and simply shoot him in the head. And his behaviour becomes even more savage thereafter.

This did not stop her from taking everything she wanted out of life. She met Otto Octavius, in the body of Peter Parker, when the two went on a 'blind-date' together. Anna Maria Marconi was created by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli and first fully appeared in Superior Spider-Man issue 5 (2013).

She had however appeared one issue before in a cameo.

Though if you’re somewhat into the Marvel universe, you probably already know a bit about the strange twist of The Superior Spider-Man comic book series. This resulted in poor little Peter’s demise, and Otto becoming Spider-Man.

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