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It also showcases Bo and Kenzi’s tight bond, along with one of the most favorite Kenzisms to date: “Smells like fried bitch!

” Bo sleeps with both her main lovers (the episode opens with what is generally agreed to be the hottest love scene in the series as Bo and Dyson have angry, healing, smoking hot sex).

It’s was a stellar pilot episode and, as it turned out, the perfect lynchpin episode too in its mid-season position as it turned this first season into its last five episodes.

At its center, Kiersten it seems we have the same taste in episodes :) S1 is definitely my favorite too & even the eps you've picked out are my favs too for many reasons.

Many die-hard Faemily members bide their time with epic re-watches of the past three seasons.Number 4: (S2E9) Perfect Ciara finally demanding what the hell is or is not or was going on between Dyson and Bo? Creeping supernatural being in the form of an obnoxious ten-year-old? Number 2: (S1E12) Finally—FINALLY—Bo and Dyson are officially together.Dyson watching the flying tennis balls as though fighting the urge to give chase in wolf form remains one of my favorite throwaway moments (though his picking pieces of Taft from his teeth in S3E13 is a close second).Few scenes in this entire series are as satisfying as Kenzi flopping down on the couch with Bo and Dyson so that Dyson can rub her sore feet.A great visual of how deeply bonded those three characters are to each other.It was very purported to be: Sex-positive, shame-free, label-free, violent, metaphysical, supernatural, adult, witty, funny, edgy, woman-led Urban Fantasy.

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