Sri lanka dating customs


In the current solar month calendar, an average month has four weeks but, they are 52 weeks for a year. Further if this calendar is exact, how can there be a leap year?

Just as the Christians count their era from the birth of Jesus, the Buddhists do from the passing away of the Lord Buddha in 543 BC.

Even this date has been fixed by Sir William Jones but it’s being challenged now as Buddha’s or Siddhartha Gautama’s contemporaries lived around 1887 BCE for which historical evidence exists.

The Hindus begin from the Saka era which is the date of the coronation of King Kanishka in India in AD 78.

The Sun has been the base on which time and seasons were counted upon.

This Sun festival was practiced in Sri L during the rule of pre-historical Emperor Rawan in Dolapabbatha an area close to Pulasthipura now known as Polonnaruwa.

President elect for the second year, Satya Rajapkse, delving into the inauguration of PUAAN on this tenth anniversary said the association was formed as the brainchild of two senior alumni living in Sydney.

He then went on to thank the four past presidents of PUAAN, the previous executive committees and their spouses and all other well-wishers for their enthusiasm, commitment and efforts in bringing PUAAN to the present state.

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Coming to our own country, Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Hindus celebrate the New Year on the 13th and 14th of April.This marks the first time a carrier has operated a non-stop service between Melbourne and Sri Lanka.With more than 55,000 Sri Lankans living in Victoria and the population growing by 27% since 2011, the highly anticipated Bloating may be in most situations a dietetic issue: not eating enough high fibre foods, including fruits resulting in constipation and not having a satisfactory bowel motion.People eating too much of food can result in gaseous bloating which could be relieved by the next good bowel evacuation.In such situation you burp a few times to get relief.Meanwhile, the Muslims count from the flight (Hijra) of the prophet from Mecca to Medina in AD 622, which is called the Mohammedan era.

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