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The 14th IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition will take place in Kyoto, Japan.

All information on the Conference can be consulted at the official website: will be presenting several papers as posters and oral sessions.

Remember to date safely, let people know where you will be and when you will return. Always remember that every place that you go has the potential to be a place where you meet both men and women.

The secret is to look at them and smile, look away and when you look back, linger a bit with a smile.

Las inscripciones están abiertas hasta el 25 de noviembre, para todos los que se animen a esta cita que reunirá a expertos del sector de la biomedicina con empresarios que aportan el enfoque adecuado para que la idea sea un negocio tecnológico.

Durante el encuentro, se abarcarán temas tan amplios como: salud humana, agroalimentos, sector terapéutico y diagnóstico, fármacos, dispositivos médicos y otras áreas de las ciencias de la vida.Use networking to help you with your social circle, this is relevant for all age groups.At networking events you not as self-conscience of talking to people that you do not know yet and also this allows you to “cast your net wider.” By knowing that every person you meet could be a “gateway” to your next someone special will make these events even more fun!We suggest “being in the moment” and taking advantage of smiling at that cute guy or girl as you go about your day.You will be amazed at how little shifts in thinking and actions can make a real difference in your love life! Listen to your intuition and leave if you feel that something is wrong.Sin embargo, hay gente que sabe cómo llevar a cabo dicha transformación pero no conoce los proyectos existentes porque no es su área de trabajo.

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