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"I remember feeling scared for some reason when I put the name to a face. "We were definitely not friends but, I probably saw him nearly every day for at least a couple years.

I can still see him working across from me under a fume hood in my minds eye anytime his name is brought up." The comments in response to her post are just as interesting - and contain similarly personal links to the tragedy.

The Reddit contributor says that she knew Holmes - who was handed life sentences for each fatality and given a maximum 3, 318 years in prison - in college. "I remember filling out health questionnaires/medical clearance forms for a final that required in vivo work and access to the vivarium.

"He threw a fit in our lab, telling our TA he wasn't going to fill it out.

"He seemed to only interact with others when he was playing with his teammates. "But then he was on the news for killing his gf, gf's mom, and little sister (minor).

Police found him walking down the street with blood all over him.

"In grade school I sat next to this guy named George," someone writes.

"Super quiet kid, and occasionally I would go over his house after school.

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"Fast forward to when I am in college and go to pick up a NY Post in the morning. "I went to school with a popular guy, on the pro athlete team, but always kept to himself," a Redditor says.

One Redditor says: "One of my classmates was shot in the head at that shooting.

It's interesting to hear from someone who knew him before that time." To which the original poster adds: "The only other thing that I remember was that he never seemed to make eye contact with anyone.

Totally thought that was just an introvert thing, but still odd." And others have comparable links to some of the world's most notorious criminals - including Ted Bundy, the prolific serial killer who confessed to murdering at least 30 young women in the 1970s, including 12-year-old Kimberly Leach.

"Ted Bundy dated my aunt," one person writes, astonishingly.

Titled: 'People who have known murderers, serial killers, etc. "My sisters ex-boyfriend is in jail currently for killing his next girlfriend and putting her body into a cement-sealed barrel," he writes, astoundingly.

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