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I planned an outing to a small café, ordered a latte, bought my daughter a hot chocolate and dove right in: “Emma, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Bar Mitzvah blowjob,” I said.

” Totally taken aback, I suddenly found myself in a public place awkwardly trying to explain it, in detail. The program covers a range of topics, including menstruation, STDs, setting boundaries and safe sex.It also meant that when the sex talk really mattered, both of us were a little more ready, if not completely at ease.In our case, this was when Emma was a junior in high school and had a steady boyfriend.I imagined her caught unaware, uninformed and unprepared.And as much as I dreaded it, I was convinced that it was my maternal duty to clue her in.The other day I was at the gym finishing my workout when a mom I know asked for my advice about “the sex talk.” She was struggling, she confided, to bring up the subject with her teenage daughter—afraid that discussing sex was somehow tantamount to giving her the green light to have it.

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