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You’re hoping that by influencing someone’s positive attitudes toward the item or person you’re promoting, you’ll change that person’s behavior.

Pickup artists have to influence people who have never met them to like them almost immediately.

In some ways, pickup artists use traditional tactics that fall into the category of persuasion.

Whether it’s yourself or a product you’re trying to sell, you rely on methods of persuasion any time you attempt to influence someone else's attitudes.

Pickup artists come in all shapes and sizes, as do their routines.

They also rated themselves on overall personality, as well as the 12-item dark triad (“Dirty Dozen”) scale.

Because subjects rated themselves, it’s possible they tried to present as positive a picture of themselves as possible.

Between these extremes, those who sought to keep their interactions as uninvolved as possible engaged in behaviors such as avoiding non-sexual intimacy (such as hugging), keeping conversations superficial, failing to introduce partners to family and friends, and seeming promiscuous or blatantly announcing that they were only seeking short-term sex.

The short-term mating strategies that the researchers identified in this first phase then became the basis for a rating scale that another group of participants completed in a second study.

These qualities—being manipulative, self-centered, and insincere—are exactly those that show up in the personality constellation known as the “dark triad” of psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.

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