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He also took several intrepid reporters for “running” interviews–barefoot. There’s a great moment in the ABC interview (at about ) where Chris casually rinses his feet in Central Park’s Bethesda fountain.Chris often sounds like a big kid who somehow tricked everyone into paying him to talk about running around.The Copper Canyons race took place in 2006 and Chris says he spent the following two and a half years “repeatedly messing up the book.” In October 2009, Google twice invited Chris to speak as part of their [email protected] series, first in Mountain View, then in New York City.The talks are about an hour each with some Q&A at the end.I used neodymium magnets that I picked up from Walmart.

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Here in the An elderly couple from the countryside pay a visit to the fairground at White City, trying out a curious collection of rides, including moving staircases and the ' Wiggle Woggle'.

I found some of the first steps of his journey in this June 23, 2005 New York Times article, Kick Off Your Shoes and Run Awhile.

A year later, a sizeable portion of what would become Chapter 3 of Born to Run first appeared, almost unchanged, in the July/August 2006 issue of Men’s health, titled “The Men who live forever.” As someone who makes things, I found it fascinating to glimpse how all the elements evolved and to see how years of development and struggle eventually produced such a wonderful book.

My name is Jeff Laird and I live with my ever-growing family in Missouri. Dating back to 1996, this site has always offered very little in the form of information and/or content, and nothing will likely change in the near future.

This web site primarily exists as a vehicle to host many of the web sites listed in my 'Links' section.

I think the ultrarunning approach, if not the races, will come to dominate recreational running.

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