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I’m trying to understand the discrepancy of user experience between chatting on live videos on different large social platforms.

The issue is that maybe in the bulk of all chat messages there are some interesting ones, but for example, You Tube doesn’t allow for upvoting of a chat message during a live video, and after the live video ended, the chat is deleted and comments are enabled.

Also, there are support groups and forums for almost any imaginable topic.

This is where you can take your time to construct a decent message to share your knowledge and there are no constantly moving chat windows that distract you from composing your message.

Short answer: replies and voting in live chats is pointless due to the speed of delivery and amount of information that is generated there.

Let's say you have created an elaborate statistical model which defines your perfect audience and anything that doesn't fit is censored in some way (for example message is not outlined as good and thus disappears along the way as the chat history increases).

On the other hand, years of online adult cam experience has taught us that not all free cams deliver the same quality.

Our reviews of adult cam sites start by taking a tour from the actual user’s point of view.

You will often witness that even people from the audience can't do that.

Should a viewer concentrate on the streamer and what he/she is doing or on the chat? are not something many people view as important when it comes to chat since 1)they have an subconscious expectation that their message will "disappear" (due to the way chat works) and 2)time is of the essence.

If we get a lot of messages and outline those somehow we can still create a large enough amount of such messages that it will become difficult to go through. A comment (like in a forum) is a much better way to ask for and respectively receive information on a certain topic. If you want important knowledge (good messages) to be preserved/outlined in a way, shouldn't their structure also be of good quality?

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