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High frequency vertical load (Fz/Sop Diff.) filtered with Fz Low Pass and Sop Low Pass, values are set identical on all cars at 0.1.

Note, this is the lowest possible value in order to be compatible with the GUI values, actually some cars would require less than 0.1 (10 GUI) others more. lower levels = less bumps/kerbs but on the other side a tad clearer Mz & Fy stuff.

Note, in all versions the core settings or ratio of forces are conform the laws of physics (SMS interpreted, human error included) so they correctly mirror the cars situation on any type of FFB wheel.

As the side load forces are derived from different sources (front/rear) their special mix balance determine the character of FFB feel.

Choose the folder you want and export it from this site: If you don't have MS Excel, you can open the file with Open Office Calc :-) You can export the file in pdf-format from both programs.

Tweaker files are optimized for best performance and maximum output level and should be used in combo with following settings as a foundation and starting point for all type of wheels in order to avoid clipping. FFB master = 100 " More info about the alternative setting: 1.

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This set is based on the Standard Classic version, Mz, Fy and Scales just slightly adapted where seemingly required.

As reference check the Radicals and the Caterham 500 on Oulton Park. Some people requesting to tame down the nasty kerbs rattle.

Additional 3 versions based on Standard-Classic(7), Fy Soplateral Mix(8) and 66% Sop Lateral(9).

Audi_90_IMSA_GTO - reversed Fx, its a very low value set at zero for consoles.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring Side Load Forces derived from the Rear.

The character of Sop Lateral leaves Mz more space to breathe, allows about 10% - 13% increased Master Scale and Sop Scale values than in other sets.

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