Twilight edward and bella dating


During the summer between Twilight and New Moon Bella and Edward share many days and nights together.In these up coming chapters we explore the possible scenarios that might take place if Edward were to plan all the dates. Disclaimer: If there was any possibility that we owned Stephenie Meyer's books, Twilight or New Moon, or any of her characters, we would not be writing and posting here.One moment I was standing in front of the vehicle with my arms crossed over my chest and Edward walking towards me, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the passenger-seat, the seatbelt in place, and Edward was in the seat next to me starting up the monster of an automobile."You were saying? " I laughed as I looked up into his sparkling eyes.

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As I reached out for it, I unsuccessfully tried to stifle a yawn. Even preparing for a casual outing was a dangerous activity. I began concentrating on the possibilities of the evening.On the nights when Alice would get involved, I spent every second I could attempting to pry information out of her. The heavy stupor of sleep began to lighten; I clenched my eyes shut unwilling to accept another end to a night of perfection. All I wanted to do was snuggle up into Edward's chest and sleep.Or pretend to sleep, or possibly not even sleep at all. However, when I reached out for him, all I grabbed was my pillow.As we stepped into the thick warm night air, I saw Emmett's monster of a jeep parked in front of us."Where are we going in getting in." There was a momentary grimace on his face, and I regretted bringing up that terrifying night. I didn't want to take the chance that the roller coaster ride would start up again.The look however quickly changed into a devious smile. My legs were wobbly from the excessive shaking I had endured, but just as I was about to fall over, two strong, cool arms caught me."You really should have waited for me to come around," he said into my hair."Oh, so you mean I was too fast for you, for once?With Breaking Dawn Part 2 hitting theaters this week, Edward and Bella's epic love story will come to a close as Bella explores life as a vampire and they both get adjusted to parenthood.

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