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In exchange, Washington would take advantage of the campus and its development after the fair's conclusion.This arrangement led to a detailed site plan and several buildings, prepared in part by John Charles Olmsted.Overall, Washington encompasses 500 buildings and over 20 million gross square footage of space, including over 26 university libraries, the UW Tower office building, art centers, museums, lecture halls, laboratories and conference centers.Washington is a member of the Association of American Universities and is consistently ranked among the top 15 universities in the world by a variety of international publications.They convinced early founder of Seattle (and member of the territorial legislature), Arthur A. Two universities were initially chartered, but later the decision was repealed in favor of a single university in Lewis County provided that locally donated land was available.

On November 4, 1861, Washington opened as the Territorial University of Washington.

The legislature passed articles incorporating the university, and establishing its Board of Regents in 1862.

The school initially struggled, closing three times: in 1863 for low enrollment and again in 18 due to funds shortage.

Regardless, subsequent post-war periods were times of dramatic growth for the University.

The period between the wars saw a significant expansion on the upper campus.

The University Regents tried and failed to sell the old campus, eventually settling with leasing the area.

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