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Pricing and Availability The Nextar GPS-MAP09SDC SD card with updated navigational maps and information has a MSRP of .99.

Please visit purchase the map upgrades and for more information on upgrading your maps.

About Nextar Nextar, headquartered in Southern California, is a global designer and marketer of consumer electronics.

From the categories it enters to the products it develops and the manner in which it goes to market, Nextar's decisions are based on its unique 'bold and new' philosophy.

Whether you are starting a brand new business or if you already have a small to medium retail, such as grocery store, liquor store, or a bakery, NEXTAR is the best option for you.

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See PC Control on this web site for more information and options regarding computers without a serial port.It currently offers products in the following categories: portable personal audio and video; digital photo frames; GPS navigation; and Bluetooth®.In addition to tried-and-true consumer electronic retail outlets, Nextar products also are boldly marketed through non-traditional avenues such as department stores, automotive, mass merchants, food and drug, and do-it-yourself.Our products are currently being used in more than 50,000 stores across the globe!Nothing frustrates a driver more than being provided wrong or outdated directions.Fast Setup: download and start using Nextar POS in less than 2 minutes!

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