Updating outlook forms


In my view, one of the ways we can help is to set out our view of the risks and the challenges that confront solicitors and law firms, and what can be done to address those issues.

Our new Risk Outlook sets out eight priority risks that matter to all solicitors and all law firms.

For each risk, we explain: why it matters, trends, steps that solicitors and law firms can take and action we are taking too.

So we are setting out the type of case we have seen, as well as highlighting the poor outcomes many investors face.

You will also find information on making it easier for people to find the legal services they need at a price they can afford.

One aspect of that may be about providing more information on how firms handle complaints and as you will see, standards of service continues to be one of our eight priority risks.

Poor service often leads to people not receiving the help they need and that can have an even greater impact when someone is vulnerable.

Complaints are a good indicator of whether a firm is meeting the service standards that we and its clients expect.

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