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If you want to place calculated results in a different area of a Pivot Table, use a calculated column instead.

When you define a formula for an explicit measure, nothing happens until you add the measure into a Pivot Table.

Column values are only recalculated if the underlying data is refreshed or if manual recalculation is used.

You can create calculated columns that are based on measures and other calculated columns.

When a column contains a formula, the value is computed for each row.

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You should make sure that each function is syntactically correct or you cannot save or use the formula.The formulas in calculated columns are much like the formulas that you create in Excel.Unlike in Excel, however, you cannot create a different formula for different rows in a table; instead, the DAX formula is automatically applied to the entire column.Measures can be based on standard aggregation functions, such as COUNT or SUM, or you can define your own formula by using DAX.A measure is used in the Values area of a Pivot Table.Like Excel, DAX provides a variety of functions that you can use to work with strings, perform calculations using dates and times, or create conditional values.

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