Updating toc in word wolfowitz dating muslim woman causes stir

Navigate to the References tab on the Ribbon, then click the Table of Contents command.Select a built-in table from the menu that appears, and the table of contents will appear in your document.(You can specify differently named styles to be used when generating the TOC, but that is beyond the scope of this tip.) When the TOC is generated, the styles automatically applied to the TOC entries are TOC 1, TOC 2, etc.There is typically a direct correspondence between the TOC style name and the heading style name.

There is one very, very large caveat to this general statement, however: If you have applied explicit formatting to your headings, then your TOC will not look as you expect it to.

When a document is this large, it can be difficult to remember which page has what information.

Fortunately, Word allows you to insert a table of contents, making it easy to organize and navigate your document.

The table of contents will then update to reflect any changes.

No matter how large your document may be, you can see there's nothing complicated about creating a table of contents.

For instance, let's say that you define the TOC 1 style so it is 14-point Arial in black type.

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