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They have truly gained a reputation within the sport.

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javascript:Element By Id('02_4').href='';Element By Id('02_5').href='';Element By Id('03_4').href='';Element By Id('03_5').href='';Element By Id('01_4').href='';Element By Id('01_5').href='';Element By Id('04_4').href='';Element By Id('04_5').href='';Element By Id('04_6').href='';Element By Id('05_4').href='';Element By Id('05_5').href='';Element By Id('05_6').href='';void 0; Put that as the URL and name it anything save it. The 247 guys always worked very hard to deliver on our expectations and have helped IFSC to reach a new online audience.247have produced superb webcasts of our major finals and some international matches too.The quality of their productions are up there with larger budget shows.247have produced quality output at all our major events in the past few years and we look to cement our relationship even further.You will then be able to magnify the map to view the map in more detail.

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