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We visited it a few days ago to take photos it’s closed now.

We have better plans for it We sneak up the path quietly, watching carefully to see if there’s any security there isn’t.

Your head is hanging over the side I pull down my shorts and force my cock into your mouth, your head upside down I stuff it in hard, and you are immediately full, almost gagging it feels like it’s going all the way down your throat so deep you feel my balls against your nose then I put a hand on each breast, flick your nipples, and start fucking your face You’ve got both hands on your pussy now, playing with it, making yourself hotter and hotter I take a drink of vodka, then poor some over your breasts and stomach I’m laughing now, “murdering” my innocent victim on the altar You can just feel my cock going in and out, choking you, your tongue licking and you’re sucking hard Every thrust shakes your body, sometimes scratching you on the cold hard stone, but you don’t care I pour the rest of the vodka over you.

Your skin shines with the liquid in the low light It feels cold and refreshing on your hot skin Then I take the neck of the bottle and push it into your pussy You gasp at first. My cock is now hot in your mouth, and the bottle is cold inside the other end But soon your relax and accept it. So you are rubbing your clitoris while I push the bottle in and out, and keep fucking your poor face….

You squeal as my cock slides all the way inside your pussy.

Finally, you have what you want I slide in so you feel my balls against your pussy and my hips pushing your ass flat how about now?

Your whole mind and spirit is thinking about my cock, slamming into you hard, over and over again shaking your world I let one hand free and you start rubbing your pussy bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm I can feel your pussy tightening against my cock, trying to suck the cum into you You try to push your ass back into me, getting me as deep as possible, waiting until I fill you full of my cum your whole body is going red, it’s so hot So it’s just my cock now, hard and fast sweat is dripping off you, your pussy is so wet it’s dripping you are screaming my name Then I pull out, and before you can think, I bury my cock deep into your ass You almost rip in half as my hard cock forces into your ass your knees shake you let out a long deep moan, and close your eyes so tight I see tears you are rubbing your pussy harder now enjoying the twin pleasure, all the hottness between you legs You feel much tighter now. I’m fucking you hard and harder, like a wild animal Your eyes are spinning.

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it tickles a little I bite your hips and thighs now I’m holding your legs down too, at your ankles I keep kissing down the length of your leg, down the calves, down to your ankles you are struggling to control yourself now, you keep staring at my cock, waiting for it to come out now I rip your bikini bottoms off.We just grab the bottle of vodka and a towel, then go back out, walking along the beach It’s getting a bit darker now.The air feels cooler on our skin We are walking along the beach, feeling the soft sand between our toes, listenign to the crashing of the waves Around the corner, there’s an old Mayan temple ruins. This live video chat site give me VIP user feature for free. There is too many people chat in cam to cam webcam chat community rooms. So I have been there since last tree months and today 15 November 2013. Best of all, I can play a music game to break the ice! Don't want to be seen on webcam but want to play JABBO Live? Webcam Passions provide free streaming webcam chat, along with audio and text chat. I like the languages module and the different kind of webcam chats available. Loved being on this chat with many languages and different kind of webcam chats! Multichat, chatroulette, chatrooms and even gay chat.

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