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Date added to page: 20 Offence: Mischief Incident: 17-19880 Location: St.

Catharines Synopsis: Suspect keyed both sides of the victim's car, causing 00.00 damage.

The female filled a large flower patterned shopping bag with grocery items, then they both left without paying.

Description: #1 - w/f, 30-40 yrs, glasses, long brunette hair, heavy, 5'8", carried a large, flower pattern shopping bag used to steal groceries.

Suspect description: m/w, long dark hair, beard Date added to page: 20 Offence: Theft Under Incident: 16-106128 Location: Niagara Falls Synopsis: two male suspects entered a local arena and stole a Defibrillator Suspect Descriptions: #1 - Male, white, 20-30 years, dark colour goatee / moustache, wearing a green Boston Celtics baseball hat, black leather jacket, gray hooded sweatshirt, dark blue jeans and black running shoes #2 - Male, white, 20-30 years, wearing a black hat and black hooded sweatshirt, light blue jeans and black running shoes Date added to page: 20 Offence: Theft Under Incident: 16-98801 Location: Thorold Synopsis: Victim left her bank card in the ATM by mistake; suspect accessed her account and stole a large sum of money.

Suspect described as wearing a New Jersey Devils cap (black with red logo), dark sweatpants and a grey hoodie with logos on the sleeves.

Catharines Incident: overnight 20, several businesses along Hartzel Road were entered by smashing the front glass doors. Suspect: m/w, 20-30 years old, 6'0 tall, 200 lbs, some facial hair (beard/moustache scruff).

He appears to have had a cast on his right hand going up his forearm.

Catharines Synopsis: male took a gift bag from a display, filled it with packages of razor blades and assorted allergy medications, then left without paying for the items.Catharines Synopsis: male entered a gas station on Glendale Avenue and stole some items, including the Mc Master Children's Hospital cash donation box.Date added to page: 20 Offence: Mischief / Theft Under Incident: 16-22228 Locations: Niagara Falls Synopsis: pictured male is a suspect in a Mischief / Damage to vending machines & subsequent theft of coins Date added to page: 20 Offence: Fraud Under ,000 Incident: 16-10207 Location: Real Canadian Superstore, 361 South Service Road, Grimsby Incident: on 20, male paid for a small item with a 0 bill, then asked for different denominations in change and confused the clerk - "quick change artist".#2 - m/w, 35-45 yrs, tall & thin, blonde goatee, wearing a dark blue sweater, dark jeans, with a considerable amount of keys and "gadgets" hanging off his belt.Offence: Theft Under 00 Incident Number: 15-30724 Location: Red Rice Buffet - Seaway Mall Parking lot - 800 Niagara Street, Welland Incident: On April 16, 2015 at p.m., Seaway Mall video surveillance footage captured an older model pickup truck reversing in close proximity to two lion statues situated at the main entrance of the Red Rice Buffet.Suspect Described as: male, white, 6'0, 160lbs, thin build, short brown hair, black sunglasses, red and black t-shirt and dark cargo shorts, wearing white running shoes NOTE: suspect had a black neck tattoo on the left side Offence: Shoplifting Under 00 Incident Number: 15-56035 Location: Freshco (5931 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls) Incident: On Thursday, July 9th, 2015 around hrs, male suspect approached cash register for change, then returned few minutes later with a shopping cart. He selected multiple items (meats and cheeses) and put them in his knapsack but paid for lettuce and bread. The Loss Prevention Officer confronted the suspect, as the backpack was picked up off the ground the suspect fled on his bicycle East on Lundy's Lane. Description: The suspect is described as a white male, with reddish skin, approximately 5"9, medium muscular build. He was wearing a black T-shirt with skulls on it, blue jeans with a chain from the pocket on the left side, black Nike shoes and a camoflauge baseball cap with a white and black fox patch on the front.

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