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About a month later, Carter cannot shake his grief or his troubles with Abby, and agrees to go to the Congo (without Abby's agreement) to join Dr. While there, he mends his previous rift with Kovač (due to their mutual feelings for Abby) and they begin to understand one another better.When the clinic is overrun by a militia, Carter is threatened by guerrilla soldiers.Greene demands he go to an inpatient rehab center for medical doctors in Atlanta or be fired. Benton confronts him outside the hospital and boards the plane with him.Upon returning from rehab in Season 7, Carter makes peace with his brain-damaged heroin-addict cousin, Chase, and apologizes for his long absence, saying, "I didn't want to admit to the fact that I was just like you." At the end of the season, Kerry Weaver returns Carter's application for Chief Resident because of his addiction.Kem's pregnancy ends tragically at eight months, however, forcing her to give birth to a stillborn son in "Midnight", to her and Carter's grief.He is supported emotionally by his father and by his friends Luka Kovač (whose children also died) and Abby Lockhart.

For example, on his first day at County, he nearly vomits in the emergency room after seeing a critically wounded patient and has to be consoled by Chief Resident Dr. Carter does share a very dedicated and compassionate approach with his patients.

Worse, Abby and Carter continue to disagree over whether or not Abby (a recovering alcoholic) should be drinking at all, even moderately.

These personal issues come to a head when Eric reappears the same day Gamma dies.

Andrew spent last night at Daniels, so he sort of met us at the festival after the parade; actually, he meet his friends and said hello to us in passing.

Of course, he has to renew his learners permit first.

He returns after two weeks in the Season 10 beginning episode.

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