What to know before updating to lion pay dating websites

Before you make major change to your Mac, make sure to back up your Mac.

It doesn't matter if you use Time Machine, copy files to an external hard drive or clone your Mac, just make sure things get backed up before you do.

Apple's OS X Mavericks is now available for free from the Mac App Store, and if your system meets its minimum requirements then you might be considering installing it.

However, you may be concerned about whether you need to prepare your Mac for the upgrade.

Once Yosemite installs it will automatically launch.

If you've saved it for later use, you can double-click it like any other application.

You can buy a copy from Apple's online store for .99; it's shipped on DVD.

Here's the list of Macs that Yosemite works with: all Macs will run Yosemite the same way.

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If your Mac can run OS X Mountain Lion then it should run Mavericks, and in its announcement today, Apple reiterated this includes the mid-2007 i Mac, Mac Book Airs from late-2008, and the Mac Mini from early 2009.If problems are found, then reboot to the OS X Recovery HD partition (hold Command-R after hearing the boot chimes at startup), and run Disk Utility's repair routines there.While you can run a Another commonly overlooked preparation step is to ensure that your third-party software is fully updated.Also keep in mind the App Store will check for system compatibility, so if you can download it to your system without error, then it should install just fine.Next, ensure your system is not experiencing any major problems, which include regular freezes or crashes of applications or the entire system, or the inability to log in to a user account, enable sharing services, or establish hardware connections to peripheral devices or networks.Downloading Yosemite will deposit the installer inside your Applications folder.

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