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And unless changes are made to her personnel and she switches up her music and image, that shit is not happening.

Johnny's said he's going to study abroad, but seriously.would believe that? Hello I spoke to a Japanese friend, apparently the management doesn't like his attitude and that they decided to stop his work for the meantime.

^^; I think that the rumour about his attitude is correct, because apparently when Kame debuted his single 'Seishun Amigo' with Yamapi, before KAT-TUN debuted, Jin wasn't very happy and made alot of fuss.

Also, Kame's starting to star in more dramas and has plenty of work whereas Jin isn't as popular in the jdrama world.

Unless you're willing work yourself into a state of anorexia, appear on every music show which airs in south Korea in the space of 2 hours, dress head to toe looking like page 5 of Jeremy Scott's Adidas originals catalog and move on a stage like the well being of your best wig depends on it - you don't stand a chance.

Crystal worked the stage nicely on her CK10 tour, but she's not at K-Pop level.

When asked about her Valentine’s day with her boyfriend actor Oguri Shun (28), she replied, “We don’t celebrate it.” A shocked reporter asked if everything is okay in the relationship, to which Yamada answered with a smile, “It’s fine. ” If you remember it was reported late last year by a magazine that Oguri Shun was caught leaving a love hotel with a young model.

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Her husband-to-be is of the same age and is the president of an IT company.

She responded to a question about spending time with that special someone, and Jin instantly tweeted back at her. Weak album sales or acute nephritis wasn't the reason for her Spin the music tour being canceled.

And they'd also tweeted back and forth about phoning one another and hooking up on Skype. Having her vaginal cavity filled with Jin's penis was.

Props to Crystal Kay for acknowledging Korea as an option though.

Her heritage gives her viable avenues to pursue which most other artists don't have.

Not sure what poor Jin did exactly but hope for him the best cos KAT-TUN doesn't sound the same if its just KT-TUN even though Kame is my favourite...

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