Who is alanis morissette dating

For some, it's hard to remember a time when Ryan Reynolds wasn't married to (and shutting down the red carpet with) Blake Lively.But before he and the former Gossip Girl star tied the knot on a South Carolina plantation, Ryan actually had a pretty colorful dating history.

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Clearly they are still on good terms, as she said he's her favorite part of the show.

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Alanis Morissette’s 1995 hit “You Oughta Know” famously describes her previous relationship with Dave Coulier.

Glorious photos., and played high school sweethearts who seal their love with a smooch.

It was the love that launched a thousand twee Tumblr ships, but it was not meant to last.

The split wasn't earth-shattering either, and Jessica went on to date Derek Jeter and marry Justin Timberlake. Superman can fly around the world (or something), but that didn't help him keep Kaley Cuoco by his side.

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